Having your business systems in the cloud means:

  • No software updates
  • Data accessible from anywhere
  • Data is safe and cannot be lost
  • Data can be easily shared with your accountant and advisors
  • Your business is more scalable
  • Data entry is minimised
  • Systems are more user friendly
  • You're not going to be left behind in the dark ages

At Ponde we are experts in cloud software.

We recommend the appropriate systems for your business, implement them and provide training and support which allows you to focus more time on making money, and less on worrying about the office stuff.

We also help tidy up existing Xero systems which haven't been set up correctly - we are very good at this.

Our mission is to ensure all small businesses we help have their systems set up correctly and are using them to their full advantage.  Contact us for a free consultation to see if our software is right for your business